jc2Earth is a particularly watery planet, with 72% of the Earth’s surface covered with oceans and seas. These bodies of water have dramatically shaped the land masses around them, leaving spectacularly eroded cliffs, sandy beaches and jagged rocks.

From the tourist resorts of the Mediterranean to the wild shores of Scotland, Europe has some of the most interesting and famous coastlines in the world, and the amount of contrast in a relatively small area is astonishing.

picture taken while sea kayaking in dorsetThis website has been set up to examine some of the notable coastlines of Europe and how they were formed and what they look like now. Along the way we’ll consider the people, cities and ways to explore these beautiful places (such as kayaking in the UK), we’ll also examine the coastlines as well as the climates and geology you can expect to find there.

There is stunning beauty, and overdeveloped mess. There are freezing waters and baking sands. There are caves, grottos, arches and gorges, carved out of the land by years of attack from seas and glaciers. In short, Europe has every type of coastline you could ever hope to see….